Hoop Yoga

Hoop_Yoga is a trending term in the sector of fitness. The fusion of hooping and Yoga brings calmness and energy. It keeps you interested in your workout routine and guides you towards more challenging poses. In addition to balance, focus, and creativity, you will achieve de-stressing and toxic exclusion of mind, body, and soul.

While many people struggle with the idea of defining yoga in a structured routine that requires great discipline. We are guided by the end-results of yoga, which include healthy body, and a peaceful state of mind. As a result, we're introducing hoop & yoga into your everyday routine so that you are free to use your creativity and traditional learnings at a place.

We believe that how deeply you are rooted in any exercise determines its meaning. While doing hoop_yoga with us, hooping will undoubtedly support you in keeping your focus and interest.

This is an Advance level course which requires a basic hooping skill.

See the sample video below to check few of the elements you'll be learning in this course. For more info get in touch with us.