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HoopYogi is a certified fitness center which delivers various online & offline programs including routine yoga courses, hoop dance for both kids & adults, and hoop-yoga for enthusiastic learners.


In Yoga, we offer sessions from beginners to those seeking advance practices.

In hoop dance, we give training of new and creative techniques.

And in hoop-yoga, we merge the styles of hoop dance and yoga to make it creative, beautiful, and complete with the benefits of posture balancing, advance flow, and effective challenges.

For someone who has already started their fitness journey and needs to upgrade their skills. 

We offer a guaranteed health package for workplace fitness that includes yoga poses, pranayama, and mindfulness sessions.
(Available on Advance Booking)

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Asana means individual poses and Vinyasa is flowing movements that is, movements in continuous series from initiation to relaxation. 

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Our Services


Beginner- On-body & Off-body tricks, Hoop dance flow and choreography 

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Hoop_Yoga is a trending term in the sector of fitness. The fusion of hooping and Yoga brings calmness and energy.

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Why Hoop-Yoga?

Yoga is perfect because there is no need to prepare your body for its practice. You can start as a beginner, and you will notice your body adapting to the forms and techniques as you follow proper instructions and practice guidelines.


Yoga is a healthy routine; hooping is a mood booster.

Yoga makes you feel light; hooping makes you feel right.

Yoga is a mindful transformation; hooping is a soulful relaxation

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